Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our farm is to provide high quality trail and pleasure horses that are personable and friendly, the kind that one would not be afraid to put your children and grandchildren on and know that the horse will bring them home safely and without injury. We breed for gentle disposition first and foremost if I cannot trust one of our horses with my family then I won’t trust it with someone else’s. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using what we have to offer.

How It All Started

We started our Horse Business some twenty years ago when we bought our first Tennessee Walker for my daughter in a garage sale. We now have Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle, and Racking horses. 

Farm History

Introducing “More Than Color Horse Farm”, home to¬†Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle Horses, and Racking Horses. Our first Tennessee Walker was purchased over 20 years ago at a garage sale for our daughter. She was a gorgeous black filly with a natural gait. Our love of the breed progressed from there. We now have 19 TWH and SSH with another one due any day. We have all colors: chestnuts, sorrels, champagne and all colors in=between. All have gentle dispositions, natural gaits, and great color. Our motto is and will always be “kid tested-grammie approved”. If we can’t trust our horses with our grandchildren, we won’t trust our horses to others.

Our horses are used for performance, trail, and speed. We show in Utah, surrounding states, SSH Spring Show and Celebration. Our grand children use our horses for 4-H, team roping and anything else that involves horses. We love to trail ride as a family and with extended family. The majority of our horses are double and triple registered. We are the home of Alen’s Magical Ritz and Braveheart’s Avenger.

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